Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A.D.D. Jane at Wondercon 2008!

Well, to be more specific its the San Francisco Bay Area International Children's Film Festival, which is held at Wondercon in San Francisco. Its showing at the Moscone Center Satuday Feb 23 at 3:30. For more info, click below to link to the site (currently it is listing 2007 information and will be updated soon):

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Game Reel

I decided I needed to put together a montage of games I've designed over the last few years, so I spent a few hours playing the games and screen capturing. It took a long time. It was kind of hard to edit it down because, believe it or not, there was 20 minutes of video to pair down to 3. But this is probably good enough and will tax anybody's attention span. All programming was done by Dave Castelneuavo (boltcreative.com). The random song choice is from two guys who call themselves Junior Senior.