Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jane in Nicktoons Festival

So, as if having Jane appear on Times Square isn't enough, she got in to the 2008 Nicktoons festival with the title "The Adventures of Jane" ( a last minute decision to retitle on my part....for obvious reasons) . I saw the list of entries and they all look like they put my work to shame. I'm just honored my little flash short made the cut. One of my current faves, Paper Cut-also Flash I think-, by Pedro Eboli, is in there....but don't even THINK about going to the site and voting for him! Jane is showing Oct 9, 11 PM (ET) --- i think that's 8 PM PT? Am I right? Watch out for it and go to the site that night and vote. I'm driving down on Friday to attend the Nicktoons party.....i mean, HELLO, Stan Lee is speaking!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jane wins Grand Prize My Toons Get With the Times Contest

So, I get this call this morning from Raleigh Melancon at Mytoons. I had written a thank you for the weekly winner prize of a ipod nano and I thought he was responding to that. Then he tells me Jane won the grand prize of the Get With the Times contest! I nearly fell over. Considering all the really great entries (and the two runner ups, Moon Boy and World War are AMAZING)...i was seriously shocked. When you spend as much time as I did on the project, its so great to get recognition for it. The prize is that the animation will play on Clear Channel's big screen in Time Square for a week...plus a trip for two to go there and see it!!!! What an AMAZING prize! Not to mention a copy of Adobe Creative Suite. I really am completely blown away and want to thank My Toons for such a great honor. If you haven't checked out the site, it really does have some fantastic functionality, including high quality HD delivery...a portfolio section . Click HERE to see my My Toons portfolio, and super-clear video-embedding (see my embedded video below on this blog).

I'd also like to give huge props to the other entries in the contest. there were some great ones.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Double Fusion Storyboarding

A project I'm working on is a sizzle video for a company called Double Fusion. They are involved in in-game advertising.....putting Cola ads in GTA, for instance. They want animated vignettes for the different demographics the advertising will aim at. These images are from an animation about girls who are into social networking games.