Friday, February 20, 2009

Pocket God

My poor blog. I just abandoned it! Well, somewhere around December, things got really crazy for me. I was juggling two projects for clients, and I was approached by a friend, Dave Castelnuovo, to partner on an iPhone app. If you're not familiar, iTunes sells games and "apps" for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Some apps are utilities, some are games and some are just completely silly and pointless. Ours sort of fell into the latter category. The idea was that we would create a simple app "toy" for 99 cents and update it ever so often, as an experiment and to build a graphics engine we could use for a REAL game down the line. So we came up with this idea that the app would show and island populated by cute little islanders, and the iPhone or iPod user would be their god, who could manipulate and mess with them. We released it with only the sparest of god abilities. Next thing we knew people were downloading it like crazy and telling us they wanted it to do more. So we spent the next month and a half releasing an update every week. As we did, it slowly went up the ratings and now its in the top ten on iTunes! (for how long I don't know). Every time it went up in the ratings, we worked harder to update it. Still working more than full time on client work, this pretty much killed all my free time, but looks like it was worth it! It just cracked the top ten today, so we're pretty excited!

Anyway, check out the "Pocket Blog". We're churning out a new update this weekend, so I will go back to not having any time! But soon, I have a couple other projects to blog about! Belated Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. I accidentally blew away my original blog header and can't find it my computer. Just as a temp fix, I put in a header concept I decided against a long time ago. oops!