Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frederator Awards Title Animation

Carrie Miller at Frederator contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I had time to quickly produce a 5 second bumper for the 2nd Annual Frederator Animation Awards. They had become aware of me because I had submitted "A.D.D. Jane", and participated in the 2 second animation jams. They wanted the motif to match the "Metropolis" theme they had going. I submitted the above storyboard which they approved. Notice the futuristic Kiwi and Bunny (in Fredbot glasses), references to the Kiwi award and Badass Bunny award. Plus they asked me to put an ad for Samurai Jack the Movie which they just bought the rights to. The most challenging part of this is faking a camera move through the buildings. I have about 5 layers of buildings moving at different rates. It goes by quickly but was surprisingly difficult to maintain a smooth feel. You can see the awards show at Channel Frederator, or just CLICK HERE.