Friday, August 29, 2008

the Edge Chronicles Game

Just in case this blog makes it look like I haven't been doing anything but personal projects all summer, I thought I'd blog one of the projects that was completed last month, an online flash game for Randomhouse for a book series called The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Eliya Selhub programmed and I did the visuals. It is the first project of Eliya's fledgling company Garbanzo Games. In the UI, I used actual illustrations from the book, but in the game I had to design backgrounds and redraw and animate the characters in the style of the book illustrations. The illustrations in the book have very intricate ink work, so I simplified them considerably.

Check out the Edge Chronicles Adventures
You need a password: CATERBIRD

Level 1: Outrun the Termagant Trog

Level 2: Escape the Wig Wigs

Level 3: Stormchasing

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Anonymous said...

i havent done the game yet, but i love the edge chronicles! did you really design the game? wow. have you read the books? and thanks for the pass word. i coulndt find it at first!